Baseus Osculum Type Gravity Car Mount Black


A sleek, simple and practical back seat car mount, designed to hold your phone/tablet with ease. Clips on to the back of the headrest and has a multi-angle adjustment.


  • Triangular fixation design can stabilize mobiles
  • Encircle paw design with automatic alignment memory, accurate lock the phone firmly
  • Gravity holder with suction cup
  • Multi-angle adjustment and 360 degree rotation
  • Reserved charge port, convenient to charge


No more sore neck and arms from holding your device in your hands while you watch your favourite clips or movies. Backseat passengers will no longer be bored as they can watch whatever they like from their device, whilst mounting it safely on the back of the passenger or drivers car seat. The mount can be turned 360 degrees, so you can choose the angle which best suits your viewing.

Made of high quality aluminium alloy and silicone, this perfectly designed mount will keep your device steady and safely in place in all road conditions!

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