Baseus Mini JA Fast Charge Power Bank 3A 20000mAh Black


A power supply that will help out with hours of fast charging for multiple devices.


  • Large 20000 mAh capacity
  • Compact to help charge your device anywhere
  • LCD lights show the percentage of power remaining
  • Total 3A output for an even faster charge
  • Output power up to 15W Max
  • Charge your power bank with either Dual Tpye C or Micro USB
  • Includes 1 x 25cm Micro USB cable


The Baseus Mini JA Power Bank portable charger has a massive high capacity battery with a size of 20000mAh. This will be the perfect companion where ever you need to charge your device. The fast charging power bank features two USB outputs, one Type-C input/output and one Micro USB input. With the 3 power outputs you will be able to maximize the amount of devices you can charge. You will be able to charge a big range of devices even a MacBook due to the 15W power output. The four indicator lights show your your remaining power in the power bank so you are able to recharge it before you drain the battery.

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